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Resturent Management System (VRMS)

V-Shop (Restaurant) is a highly secured Point Of Sale system that effectively manages sales, purchase and inventory of a restaurant, and provides better services to customers. It helps to increase the ROI (Return of Investment) of the organization.

All Features:

  • Receipt features to split, merge and reprint take away receipts.
  • Void options allows to you to void KOT, Items and receipts.
  • Allocate specific table to serving staff/waiter.
  • Manage separate customer database for delivery orders.
  • Fetch location of customers’ address with built in map generation capability.
  • Categorize items according to menu group and menu sub group.
  • Create and save different menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekends or any other custom session.
  • Set different rates for dine in, delivery, and take away.
  • Define and set multiple units per menu item according to quantity.
  • Set different tax rates to different items.
  • Settlements via multiple payment options such as cash, cheque, debit/credit card, loyalty/rewards points, credit account.
  • Split bill according to amount wise, item quantity and also allocate amount to different receipts.
  • Add discount on receipt and menu item or menu group.


  • It is easy to look up past transactions. If you need to know how much you sold last Tuesday V-Shop can give you that information in a snap.
  • V-Shop provides faster service than old-fashioned cash registers. Every part of the process, from authorizing a credit card transaction to printing a customer receipt, is faster on a point of sale device.
  • Customers can receive more informative itemized receipts with this point of sale device. Since point of sale device is tied into the inventory control system it can provide much more detailed information, including a description of the item, the list price and the sale price.


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